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Investment Banking:
Links and Resources

Canada Square, London
Home Base for Many European Investment Bankers
Canada Square, Canary Wharf

Career Resources

Resumes for Banking and Financial Careers

Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Suggested courses for sales and trading positions
Courtesy of Campbell Harvey of Duke University.

Suggested courses for investment banking positions
Courtesy of Campbell Harvey of Duke University.

The Fast Track: The Insider's Guide to Winning Jobs in Management Consulting, Investment Banking, and Securities Trading.
By Miriam Naficy.
A Stanford alumn and former employee of Goldman Sachs provides a highly practical overview of what it takes to get a good finance job.

Investment Banking Explained: An Insider's Guide to the Industry
Provides a complete overview of investment banking in its modern form; defines key terms and discusses the functions of investment banks.

Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking
Guide covers the basics of financial markets, including walk-throughs of equity and fixed income offerings, and M&A private placements and reorgs, and dissects career paths and job responsibilities at departments such as corporate finance, sales and trading, research, and syndicate.

Investment Banking Insider's Guide.
Wall Street, where dreams are made and destroyed. While many want to enter, few are given the opportunity. This book serves as a pragmatic guide with tips on what to do as you try to break through what may seem to be an impenetrable door.

Careers in Investment Banking.
By WetFeet.
Intensely competitive, action-oriented, and profit-hungry, investment banking is a larger-than-life world where dealsand fortunesare made. It's a great place to learn the ins and outs of corporate finance, and develop analytic skills that will prove useful throughout any business career. But investment banking has a steep learning curve. This guide will help you understand this industry and how to break in.

Vault Career Guide to Sales and Trading.
By Gabriel Kim.
Sales and trading is an exciting, fast-paced and potentially enormously lucrative career. Expert insight into this popular but competitive career, with detailed explanations of career paths, industry lingo, qualities needed to succeed. Step-by-step examples of how a trade is made on the trading floor, and Q and As with industry professionals of all levels.

Damn, it Feels Good to be a Banker

Heard on the Street: Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews. Also see a web site for the book at Investment Banking Job Interviews.

Starting Your Career as a Wall Street Quant: A Practical, No-BS Guide to Getting a Job in Quantitative Finance and Launching a Lucrative Career

Your Career Is An Extreme Sport: Focus, Drive, Excel
By Eileen Gunn
Forget the old rules of career advancement. The company man has left the building-and he took his gold watch with him. Today's employees are free agents on the fast track. Your Career Is an Extreme Sport shows how to apply the principles of extreme sports-such as drive, stamina, flexibility, and guts-to achieve extreme career success.

Tokyo Midtown Tower in Roppongi, Home to many Investment Banks
Tokyo Midtown Tower

Key Reference Books

Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies
by McKinsey and Company
A classic that should be in the cube of every analyst and associate on the Street.

Equity Valuation: Models from Leading Investment Banks
By Jan Viebig
This book brings together expertise from UBS, Morgan Stanley, DWS Investment GmbH and Credit Suisse, providing a unique analysis of leading equity valuation models, from the very individuals who use them. Filled with real world insights, practical examples and theoretical approaches, the book will examine the strengths and weaknesses of some of the leading valuation approaches.

Finance and Investment Handbook

Financial Modeling

The New York Times Dictionary of Money and Investing

Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives with Derivagem CD
By John Hull
This is the classic on options valuation. Important to have this book or similar nearby if you are a banking associate.

Security Analysis: Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett
by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd
The all time classic book on investments.

Wall Street Lingo

General Background Reading

The Business of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Overview
by K. Thomas Liaw
In The Business of Investment Banking, Dr. K. Thomas Liaw provides an inclusive, up-to-date guide to the evolving investment banking industry.

The Accidental Investment Banker: Inside the Decade that Transformed Wall Street
By Jonathan Knee
Knee, an investment banker at Goldman Sachs for four years beginning in 1994 and at Morgan Stanley from 1998 to 2003, describes the operations of these firms and explains the role of investment bankers and how "deals" are done. He weaves a fascinating tale of his employers and a multibillion-dollar industry, which was transformed culturally and structurally by extraordinary growth and then devastating retrenchment at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Blue Blood and Mutiny: The Fight for the Soul of Morgan Stanley
by Patricia Beard
Blue Blood and Mutiny weaves the history of Morgan Stanley with the inside story of the fight for dominance between two competing business cultures—one, the collegial meritocracy handed down from the days of J. P. Morgan, and the other, a cold, contemporary corporate model.

Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success
by Lisa Endlich
Goldman Sachs, in most years the most profitable investment bank in the country. In workmanlike prose, former Goldman v-p Endlich traces the bumpy road the company took from its founding in 1885 to its current status as a leader in the financial world.

The Last Tycoons: The Secret History of Lazard Frères & Co.
by William Cohan
An entertaining, interesting history of Lazard and a great book of lessons for any aspiring investment banker.

Hong Kong is an Important Financial Center in Asia
Hong Kong

CFA Institute
Offers programs leading to the Chartered Financial Analyst designation which is increasingly important in establishing yourself as an equities analyst. Also operates a free phone job hotline for members only.

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.
An advocate for the financial markets. Very good research available here.

New York Society of Security Analysts.
Has good career information. You don't have to live in New York to join.

Entertaining and Informative Tales

Barbarians at the Gate
By Bryan Burrough and John Helyar.
You saw the movie. Well, the book is better. The story of investment bankers clambering over each other to get a piece of the action on the 1988 RJR/Nabisco LBO is well worth reading.

By Po Bronson
This is arguably the best book about investment banking in existence. According to Business Week: "Perhaps the most entertaining depiction of greed and dishonesty on Wall Street ever to see print." Presents a sometimes surreal, slightly fictionalized account of the fixed income sales floor at CSFB's San Francisco office.

Liars Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street
By Michael Lewis, Norton Books.
A lucidly written, humorous account of the bizarre life of bond salesman. Essential reading for a prospective investment banker interested in the sales and trading side.

Monkey Business: Swinging through the Wall Street Jungle.
By John Rolfe and Peter Troob.
Many a starry-eyed megalomaniac has followed the siren song of Wall Street. Money, prestige, and power await them as they waltz off into the promised land...or so they think. The promised land, it turns out, is always one more twenty-hour workday ... Monkey Business is the hilarious confession of two young investment bankers.

The Trillion Dollar Meltdown: Easy Money, High Rollers, and the Great Credit Crash
By Charles R. Morris. 2008.
Financial writer Morris explains the current sub-prime mortgage crisis that is affecting countless numbers of families in the United States and the economy as a whole.

Resources for Aspiring Coverage/Relationship Bankers

Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty
by Andrew Sobel

The Rainmaker's Toolkit: Power Strategies for Finding, Keeping, and Growing Profitable Clients
by Harry Mills

The Trusted Advisor
by David Maister
This is the classic that should be read by all coverage bankers. Many firms offer a course to their new MD's where they read this book.

True Professionalism: The Courage to Care About Your People, Your Clients, and Your Career
by David Maister

Storyselling for Financial Advisors: How Top Producers Sell
by Scott West
Using similes, metaphors, anecdotes, illustrations, and asking open-ended questions, then really listening to clients' stories, histories and backgrounds can elicit valuable information. Highly persuasive individuals and many of the top financial professionals use this communication style intuitively, making deep human connections with their clients. From this deeper understanding, they are better able to serve clients' financial needs--and sell more effectively in the process. This book is aimed at advisors who sell personal financial services but it applies quite well in the institutional context.

World Atlas of Wine
By Hugh Johnson
Trust us. You'll need to know wine.

Golf: The Best Instruction Book Ever!
Golfing skill helps but is not essential to be a banker. Knowing tennis also a plus.

Resources for Aspiring M&A Bankers

Applied Mergers and Acquisitions
by Robert F. Bruner and Joseph Perella

The Art of M&A
by Stanley Reed
A widely used reference on M&A execution

The Art of M&A Due Diligence
by Alexandra Reed Lajoux and Charles Elson

Deals from Hell: M&A Lessons that Rise Above the Ashes
by Robert F. Bruner

Big Deal: The Battle for the Control of America's Leading Corporations.
By Bruce Wasserstein, Warner Books, 1988.
The head of Lazard talks about the techniques of the M&A business. A great read if you are interested in the field. Serious stuff.

M&A Titans: The Pioneers Who Shaped Wall Street's Mergers and Acquisitions Industry
by Brett Cole
This book focuses on the 11 men, lawyers and bankers, who are responsible for the creation of Wall Street's merger industry.

Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z
by Andrew Sherman and Milledge Hart

Mergers and Acquisitions: A Step-by-Step Legal and Practical Guide
by Edwin L. Miller

By Roy Lewicki

Ideas and Know-How
Frankfurt is a Key Financial Center in Europe - Deutsche Bank Headquarters
Bank Headquarters, Frankfurt

A Demon of Our Own Design: Markets, Hedge Funds, and the Perils of Financial Innovation
By Richard Bookstaber, December 2008
As the risk manager to some of the leading firms on Wall Street–from Morgan Stanley to Salomon and Citigroup–and a member of some of the world’s largest hedge funds, from Moore Capital to Ziff Brothers and FrontPoint Partners, Rick Bookstaber has seen the ghost inside the machine and vividly shows us a world that is even riskier than we think.

Capital Ideas Evolving
By Peter Bernstein.
A lucid explanation of the modern theory of finance, the people behind it and the attacks that have arisen in recent years.

The Death of the Banker: The Decline and Fall of the Great Financial Dynasties and the Triumph of the Small Investor
By Ron Chernow. A thought-provoking book that explains why the world of investment banking works the way it does today. If you want to sound smart this would be a good book to read in the week before an interview.

Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders.
by Jack Schwager (also New Market Wizards).
This book is a classic which features viewpoints from a variety of Wall Street Superstars like Bruce Kovner and Michael Steinhardt.

Finance Site List
An online compendium of web sites of interest to students and those who follow finance. Courtesy of the Journal of Finance.

Magazines and Newspapers (Online and Off)

The Daily Deal
This online and print periodical covers what's going on in the world of M&A and investment banking. It's a rich source of info on breaking news stories, profiles, institutional rankings, fine print, structures and personalities. Highly recommended.

Widely read weekly covers world of investment banking, politics and art quite well. You have to read this if you plan to go into the field.

Covers investment banking well and focuses on happenings in the bond market. Has a strong international flair. Widely read on the street.

Financial Technology Network
Covers what's going on in technology on Wall Street and the financial sector.

Institutional Investor Newsletters
BondWeek, Corporate Financing Week, Derivatives Week, Emerging Markets Week and others are widely read on the Street. You can catch much of the action online.

New York Times
Sunday classified section in New York edition is reknown for listing ads by investment banks looking for talent. Also look at the Financial Times.

Wall Street Journal.
The most widely read business periodical in the world. And it's on the net! You must register for the net version. Great way to keep up with what's going on in the markets and the world. Following tombstones and ads is also a good way to see which banks are involved in what types of activity this year. You may also be interested in Careers.wsj.com.

People and Their Stories

Bernard Baruch: The Adventures of a Wall Street Legend.
By James Grant. John Wiley, 1997.
An inspiring story of a savvy, hare-brained investor who went on to serve his country.

Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst
By Dan Reingold
This is the true story of a top Wall Street player who chronicles his own transformation from a straight arrow believer in the markets, to a jaded critic who reveals how the insiders' game is really played.

The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance
By Ron Chernow.
This is an exceptionally good book. Well-written, detailed and full of lessons for anyone with an interest in financing and investment banking.

Leading Investment Bankers: Heads of Ibanking from Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank etc.
Inside the Minds: Leading Investment Bankers is written by an unprecedented collection of top industry visionaries and explains in an easy to understand language and format proven real world intelligence and strategies for being a successful investment banker. A must read for every investment banking professional, executive and entrepreneur, regardless of your experience level in investment banking, this book will shed light on the art and science of investment banking and help you be a better professional.
San Francisco is an Important Investment Banking Hub - Covering Silicon Valley Tech & Biotech
Francisco Office Buildings in the Fog


Fiasco: Blood in the Water on Wall Street
By Frank Partnoy, W. W. Norton, 1997.
A recent alumnus of Morgan Stanley relates his amazing experiences at the firm prior to the Mexico crisis in 1994. Entertaining although not quite as good as Liars Poker. Tends to suggest that derivatives are bad without delineating a position.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator,
By Edwin Lefevre, John Wiley & Sons. Reprinted: 1994.
This is probably the best book on this list. It's engrossing, very well-written and 75 years old. If you're interested in investment banking or investing, you should read this book. It talks about the life of Jesse Livermore, who started investing in bucket shops as a kid. He went on to gain and lose fortunes several times. The lessons learned and stories told are enduring.

Where are the Customers' Yachts?: A Good Hard Look at Wall Street.
A visitor was being shown around Manhattan. "There," said the guide, pointing at the East River, "are the Wall Street brokers' yachts." "Where are the customers' yachts?" was the naive reply. This amusing story of Wall Street written in 1940 by Fred Schwed tells you how the game is really played. Applies today better than ever.

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